Our Team

Chelsea Hough REALTOR® | the strategist

chelsea@chelseahough.com | 208.391.3750 I run the listing division on our team specializing in downtown Boise and periphery. I believe real estate is about connecting people with great opportunities and helping those I know achieve their greatest potential.

Jessica Ozuna REALTOR® | the matchmaker

jessica@chelseahough.com | 208.391.3751 I am the lead buyer’s specialist on our team and 100% of my time is spent working with buyers to get them into their next home. My strengths lie in strategizing and negotiating for my clients. I am a sucker for a great meal and game nights with family and friends.

Dusty Barnowski REALTOR® | the supporter

dusty @chelseahough.com | 208.996.3375 I am the showing assistant for the team. I am always willing and ready to answer any questions you have while creating a positive and friendly environment. When I am not at the office you can find me enjoying the foothills on a mountain bike or camping with friends and family.

Sharon Ozuna | the trusty sidekick

sharon@chelseahough.com | 208.806.1401 My formal title is the unlicensed Executive Assistant, and I like to call myself the team organizer. I love helping our team grow and achieve our goals. I work behind the scenes putting together marketing pieces, overseeing our awesome systems and keeping everything running smoothly.

Sara Kenyon | the organizer

sara @chelseahough.com | 208.806.1401 I am the unlicensed transaction coordinator for the team. I am here to help answer any questions you might have while working to ensure all of the moving parts are staying on track. My husband and I love to travel and experience new places - our favorite so far is Stingray City off of Grand Cayman.